Your Social Media Detox Plan

Welcome! It looks like you're new here. You may want to subscribe to my RSS feed or subscribe via email. Thanks for visiting! Before I tell the story of why I fled social media for two months at the end of 2013, and before I describe how you can create your own social media detox...
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The New Year

by Sri Chinmoy

The new year has commenced

Its momentous journey today.

From today on, during the entire year,

I shall not offer my volcano-ambition

to the world.

I shall offer the world

Only my moonlit heart’s flaming aspiration.


How Do You Declare Your Life?

I sat in my car in the parking lot of IHOP, crying. Not just crying. Sobbing. Uncontrollably. Big, heaving, gasping, snotty crying. I was there for a meeting, a volunteer orientation, on a Saturday afternoon. I was listening to RadioLab on NPR, a story about a couple whose baby was delivered at 23 weeks and...
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What it Means to be Awake

This week’s post is written in conjunction with writer friend Joy Jordan. We asked each other the question, “What does it mean to be awake?” What follows is my response. You can read her companion post on her blog Born Joy. I wake up most mornings like a bear exiting hibernation: I blink blearily at the...
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